Disability Income Insurance
OCBIS offers a complete line of individual and group disability income plans from top companies such as Met Life, United of Omaha, The Standard and Union Central.

Individual Plans – Provide fully underwritten coverage with benefit periods ranging from two years to age sixty five. Occupational classes range from “blue collar” workers to highly specialized legal/medical classes. For the more specialized occupations most companies offer an “own occupation” provision that pays the full benefit if the insured cannot perform their “specific occupation” even though they can perform other, often similar or related duties.

Group Plans – Offer simplified underwriting on groups of three or more employees. Group plans will can also offer premium discounts of as much as 40% off individual disability income plans.

Critical Illness Plans – Although not literally a disability income plan, they pay out a lump sum benefit at the occurrence of a particular event such as a heart attack, cancer other critical illness. These can be used when a traditional disability income policy isn’t available or is outside the insureds budget.

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