Life Insurance

Term Insurance –
  • Guaranteed level premiums for a specified period of time – ART, 5-Year, 10-Year, 15-30 Years or level premiums to age 65
  • Return of premium term – 15-Year, 20-Year and 30-Year
Universal Life –
  • Guaranteed premium (GPUL) with lifetime premium and death benefit guarantees
  • Current assumption with greater cash value potential but without long-term guarantees
  • Indexed UL with interest credits based upon well known stock indexes – higher potential returns with no downside risk
Survivorship Life –
  • Insures two persons and pays the death benefit on the death of the latter insured – most often used for the payment of estate taxes or to enhance an estate
Whole Life –
  • Traditional life insurance that may or may not offer dividends – participating or non-participating
Simplified Issue –
  • Policies that can be issued with minimal underwriting at limited amounts of coverage, generally $300,000 or less in beneft. May also include smaller “burial” types of policies

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Life Insurance Awareness Materials Available

Due to the popularity of the product agnostic materials on the LIAM page created for September promos, the logo at the top from Life Insurance Awareness Month to Life Insurance Awareness Materials to extend the usage of this information