Long Term Care

OCBIS offers a full complement of comprehensive long-term care solutions that include “Traditional” tax qualified products, specially designed “California Partnership” products, “Linked Benefit” life insurance products and “Annuity Multiplier” products.

Traditional Tax Qualified Plans – Top quality plans from American General, Genworth, Mutual of Omaha, Prudential and Transamerica provide your choice of daily benefits for durations from as little as two years and as long as lifetime coverage.

California Partnership Plans – Genworth and Prudential both offer this special plan that provides additional protection from the “Medi-Cal spend down” to just $2,000 of assets. These policies allow insureds to raise the spend down limit dollar for dollar for any long-term care benefits paid to the insured.

Linked Benefit Plans – These are a combination of a life insurance policy that pays a percentage of the face amount as a long term care/critical illness benefit. These can be on paid on a single premium, level premium or lifetime premium basis and are available on a simplified issue or fully underwritten basis.

Annuity Multiplier – Annuities that can double or triple the annuity value when withdrawals are used to pay qualified long term care costs.

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Care Matters infographic.
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