Banner/L&G AppAssist

Banner/ L&G The AppAssist Coverage Guidelines

AppAssist program face amounts are limited to the coverage amounts below.

  • Issue Age* Coverage Amount
  • Up to 70 – up to $5 million
  • 71 & older – up to $500,000

For the purpose of determining correct underwriting requirements, the coverage total is calculated as:

  • The face amount currently being applied for; PLUS
  • The face amount (including rider amount) of all existing policies with Banner or William Penn

legal general


***Banner has their call center make the interview and schedule paramed with whoever we indicate them to.
*** You have the option of answering the risk questions or skipping them.
***Will need to know when client wants to be called.
***80% of the cases only require completing an abbreviated paramed (Blood/hos/vitals) no full paramed (also with long applications) keep in mind when switching companies.