Policy Service

Due to the number of companies we work with and the lack of a common administrative system from company to company, it’s not currently possible to access policy information from this website.

We have an internal system that enables us to track requests, and ensure that service requests are received by the home office and we’ll notify you the request has been completed.

Need a “paid to date”, current cash value, change of address or change of beneficiary form?  We can take care of that for you.  Policyholder Service requests are handled by Jessica Markworth.

For all your Policyholder Service needs listed below, please email Jessica at jessica@ocbis.com.

  • Policy change forms
  • Conversion Forms
  • Conversion Illustrations
  • Payment Methods in an in force policy
  • Lapsed Notices
  • Premium Notices
  • Policy changes: Such as Premium Mode, Billing Address, Bank Account etc.
  • Death Claims
  • Policy cancellations

We cannot cancel in force policies some carriers require a specific form to be completed.

Please email all completed policy change forms back to Jessica at jessica@ocbis.com for processing.